Galana Group is a purpose driven company founded by Kareem Al Khateeb and Yehya Soliman, with the aim to provide all the support to young fighters in Poland and North Africa to be among world class champions in Mixed Martial Arts. In the last 3 years we established our Galana Exclusive Championship (GEC) that is now one of the best few destinations for many respected fighters and MMA fans in North Africa. We hosted seven events in Egypt. And one event in Poland in association with Brave CF. We are licensed BraveCF partner in Poland.

Our goal is to transform the MMA industry with the transferable experience between Poland and North Africa. We have highly skilled team work in all areas related to athlete relations and event management, including Public Relations, Fan Experience, Marketing, and advertisements.



We create the most exciting MMA nights that bring people together


It’s not just about winning, we value making memories that last


World will never stop spinning, we will continue innovating and experimenting



Sport Fans escape from daily life, using experiences to help cope with societal pressure, demands and stressors. Attraction to other fans or the lifestyle, simple fun, and just being present and in the moment are all forms of release.

Fans seek acceptance as a natural member of a group, or part of a chosen collective with common tangible/intangible interests. This may be a uniting mindset, a shared passion, or a support system that emerges in an event setting. Belonging is the driver of tribalism, which we anticipated finding as the dominant force for sports attendance.

The growth that comes from digging in deep on a vertical, or simply discovering or learning something new. This may include novelty and surprise, knowledge and personal growth, and creativity and experimentation.

Fans look for Identity. The qualities, beliefs and values that make a person or group unique and different from others. Traditions, external proofs, and aspirations all fall into this category.



Our Journey

about mixed martial arts (mma)

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is the fastest-growing sport in the world. MMA scene has grown exponentially over the last decades producing some, of the best athletes and most popular figures in the sports industry. MMA’s popularity has surpassed other traditional sports and attracted fans from all regions and demographics.

According to recent research in the United States, among 18-34-year-old sports fans, MMA is more, popular than either the NHL or even NASCAR.






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