GalAna Group – GEC


We create the most exciting MMA nights that bring people together​


It's not just about winning, we value making memories that last


World will never stop spinning, we will continue innovating and experimenting ​

GalAna Group is a polish company founded by Mr. Kareem Al Khateeb with the aim to provide all the support to young fighters in Poland and North Africa to be among world class champions in Mixed Martial Arts. In the last 3 years we established our GalAna Exclusive Championship (GEC) that is now one of the best few destinations for many respected fighters and MMA fans in North Africa. We hosted 7 events in Egypt. We are licensed  BraveCF partner in Poland. Our goal is to transform the MMA industry with the transferable experience between Poland and North Africa. GalAna Group have highly skilled team work in all areas related to athlete relations and event management, including Public Relations, Fan Experience, Marketing and advertisements.

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